Lord of the details

Lord of the details

Every little things in this life, we can’t be bold.
For no one knows what the future hold
We can’t even plan our lives for certain.
For no one knows when this life will come to an end.

One might think everything is by mere chance.
That we live this life to the fullest because we can only live once.
Thinking about today and boasting about tomorrow.
Only to discover this life is only borrowed.

This life might give us surprises every time
But the Lord knows, for he plans it ahead of time
Every detail of it, up to its tiniest,
His glory will show at its finest.

The growing and withering of a tree is of the Lord.
Every movement of planets and stars is of the Lord.
Even every disaster that comes to pass is of the Lord.
He made everything for his glory
For he is the Lord.

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