Sudden Light

Sudden Light

I am nothing, I am hopeless
A rebel by nature, a son of lawlessness
When I open my mouth, I sin
Even when I am alone, I sin

My life is full of deceit and lies
So my soul continues to die
Like the living in flesh but rotten to the core
Living like everything’s fine but actually there’s more

And just like this, I’m slowly wasting time
Not just actually time but this life of mine
I am dead from the beginning, i just dont realize it
So I can’t save myself from this hot blazing pit

And suddenly I became alive
From this darkness there shines a light
A light that brings the dead to life
A life that I can’t have no matter how hard i strive

He make me new with just a snap of his finger
I threw the life that I used to linger
The things that I love to do, now I hate
Only He can change you and it’s never too late

He is holy, He is righteous
He is wrathful but He can choose
To give you His mercy or to not
To be gracious to you or leave you to rot

To shine His light on you is up to Him
All you can do is plea to Him
For He will finish what He started
Until the day you are resurrected.

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