ByMaricar Prabhash Jan 29, 2021

When We Don’t Feel Like Praying

When everything is in place, and your family is in check, we normally tend to skip that moment which was set aside for prayer. Guilty? Well, you'

ByMaricar Prabhash Jan 16, 2021

Incomparable Great Joy In Christ

Last year has been really tough for everyone. Recently announced threat of the new virus variant has made people even more restless to find a new

ByQuits Sabio Dec 8, 2020

Magnifying God by Rejoicing In Him

Our passage today is a very popular one, as it is one of the proof text of Roman Catholics in their veneration of Mary. Now it is true that Luke

ByQuits Sabio Oct 4, 2020

The Father’s Glory in Election

Last Sunday we saw from Ephesians 1:3-14 that salvation from eternity to eternity is for the praise of the Triune God. The latter half of verse 3

ByQuits Sabio Sep 26, 2020

God-Centeredness of God in Salvation

The most important thing that we as church give emphasis on is the glory of God. We do this by proclaiming the God-centeredness of God in all tha

ByQuits Sabio Sep 19, 2020

Letter of Grace and Peace by the Sovereign Will of God

Why a series on Paul's letter on Ephesians? Simply put, we are saved by grace and so it is only natural that even at least once in my life time I

ByQuits Sabio Aug 12, 2020

Glorifying God Through The Eyes of Unbelievers

Today, as we continue with our series on 1 Peter, we come now to the pivotal passage in the letter. We will look at 1 Peter 2:11-12.  We can t

ByQuits Sabio Aug 12, 2020

Living Stone : Precious and Chosen

 What we feel about Jesus matters. Not just what we know about him, but also how our hearts respond to him. You may have all things about him