Glorifying God, Serving All Peoples

Through the proclamation of the glory of God the Father by spreading the joy of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord in his word through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit


We are dedicated to the proclamation of the glory of God for the joy of all peoples through the expository preaching of the whole counsel of God in the scriptures.


We proclaim Christ in order to present everyone mature in Christ.


We believe that our greatest pleasure is found only in God, and the appointed end of joy is worship


Utter Fallenness From Glory
How does total depravity relate to the glory of God? Total depravity is not just a condition where we become by nature disobedient to God. Rather it is also the condition of having lost God's glorious design for humanity, that is to glorify God by enjoying him forever.
Finding Our Identity In Christ
The world wants to dictate who we are based on the things we have, our physical appearances, the people we're with, religious and political affiliations and more. But God alone in his word gets to define who we are as part of the old creation, but specially of the …
The Pleasure of God in Creation
The Problem of God's Pleasure In Himself In the last two messages, we have seen that God takes delight in his Son and in all that he does, which is essentially saying that he takes delight ultimately in himself. If  God were  to seek his highest pleasure in anything …
The Pleasure of God in All That He Does
How Does God Show His glory? Before we address the pleasure of God in all that he does, I want us to ask first, "what does it mean for God to show his glory?" The reason is because I want us to see from scriptures how integral, important and …
The Pleasure of God in His Son
This sermon series is in no way original from me. The material is largely based on John Piper's book and sermon series with the same title, "The Pleasures of God". My sermon titles will be based on the title of each chapter from the book. However, in order for …