Finding Our Identity In Christ


I. Salutation(1 Corinthians 1:1-3)

A. Paul begins by identifying himself in relation to God and identifying us in relation to God(1:1-2)

  1. Paul
    • Called
    • By The will of God
    • To be an Apostle of Christ Jesus
  2. Sosthenes
    • Our brother
  3. Church of God

B. In conrast, the world’s self understanding is defined in relationship to their education, profession, physical fitness, their possessions, and to their association with certain groups

C. Grace and Peace

  1. Paul’s aim is that through this letter the believers will experience grace and peace

II. Paul’s Thanksgiving(1 Corinthians 1:4-9)

A. Paul thank God for the Corinthian Christians

B. The reason for the thanksgiving is the grace of God that was given to you in Christ Jesus

  1. The purpose of the giving of God’s grace is that the believers might be enriched in Christ in all speech and all knowledge
  2. This enrichment in Christ accords with their acceptance of Paul’s testimony about Christ
  3. The result of this enrichment is all the necessary gifts that they need to be presented guiltless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ
  4. Paul is confident and so should all believers that they can bank on this promise because God is faithful, for He already have called you into fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord

III. Identity In Relationship To God Is All That Matters

A. The Corinthian church and us today suffer from identity crisis

  1. Division in church happens when we forget that we are all sinners equally underserving of God’s saving grace
  2. One ups-manship happens when we forget that all our gifts came from God
  3. Continuing lifestyle of sin happens when we forget that we are not just called to be saved, but also to be holy
  4. Self entitlement happens when we forget that we are all debtors to God, and therefore to others

B. Refocusing our view of our identity in relationship to God will result in

  1. The unity of the church
  2. Humility of believers
  3. Empowerment to resist the temptation to sin
  4. Self denial in order to serve others

C. How will you know then if you are called into Christ’s fellowship?

  1. Call upon the name of the Lord(Romans 10:9-13)